Ideas for entertainment

Here are some free resources and ideas to help keep people connected, entertained and learning during this time that they must stay at home.

Looking for advice? You can find some easy read information about coronavirus, and keeping safe by clicking this link.

Colour in!

Download and print our doodle colouring in sheet from here, to say thank you to Support Workers. (Preview below).

thank you support workers doodle preview


Get online

  • Learn My Way – Short courses and info to use the internet:
    • Courses on a wide range including: the basics of using a computer, getting online, videocalling, online shopping, using facebook, online safety, using Microsoft office, and more

  • Resources for people at risk of isolation:
    • Fun things to do, inspiring content, coronavirus info, TV and Film, Playing games with others online, Connecting with others, music, radio podcasts, mental health, forums

  • Keeping in touch:
    • Different ways to keep in touch, guides including using whatsapp, facebook messenger, skype, facetime, google hangouts, house party, etc

  • Educational:
    • Learning at home, live streams, welsh language, free courses, books/audiobooks, organisation, virtual trips, keeping fit, etc

  • Mental health:
    • Apps to support mental health, NHS links, BBC updates on coronavirus, Digital unite resources, video support, advice from Mind, working from home, etc.

  • Other lists of things to do: Click this link to see ChatterPack's list of things to do online whilst at home. You can also sign up to their free newsletter.

  • Check out Mencap TV on YouTube - the channel has fun activities, exercises and recipes for you to try out along with the videos.

  • Try some mindfulness and meditation exercises with guided audio tracks available at this link.

Entertainment without the internet

  • Bake a cake, cookies or some Welshcakes (maybe your neighbour would like some too?)
  • Cook up a healthy meal for your household
  • Spring clean and get organised
  • Get some fresh air by going for a walk or into your garden
  • Give your friends a telephone call /video call (guides above!) and have a chat – if you know someone’s going to get your household shopping soon why not check if they need anything
  • Keep in touch with friends and family by writing a letter – make sure to pop it in the post when you go out to get your shopping
  • Get creative and paint, draw, sew or craft something. Why not create a rainbow and put it up in the window to share some positivity?
  • Make a time capsule! Write something about yourself and the world right now, include photos, newspaper cuttings, your artwork, or other interesting objects; pop it in a box and bury it or hide in your loft!
  • Try meditation, yoga, or follow an at-home workout (there are lots on
  • Watch a movie, documentary, listen to music, play games
  • Read, write or make up stories together, you can find prompts here:
  • Volunteer! Get in touch with me (Rose Waddicor) if you’d like help finding an opportunity
  • Can’t decide? Leave it to chance by using the random idea generator’s one for kids and one for adults – there are good suggestions on both!)
  • Download and complete People First Bridgend's activity pack. With wordsearches, recipes and drawings to colour in, we'll sure it'll keep you entertained.