Jonathan Bryant

Jonathan Bryant puts his filming skills to the test

Jonathan, who lives in Cardiff and receives support from mirus, has been helping to produce films for Disability Wales.

The series of films called “Story at 40” were commissioned to celebrate Disability Wales’ 40th Anniversary. The films reveal the experiences and memories of disabled people born in 1972 and living in Wales.

Following a successful application with Disability Wales, Jonathan was awarded a place on the filming production team which consisted of people with various disabilities.  He was provided with training including learning about interviewing techniques, filming, editing and cataloguing.

Click here to read Jonathan’s account of filming and how he helped create a piece of living history.

Jonathan on location with other members of the crew.

Jonathan Bryant on location with other film crew
© Natasha Hirst Photography

To view the final film "Sarah's Story at 40” click here.

Jonathan has continued to develop his filming skills by filming key events at mirus such as Joe’s Group meetings and interviews with other people mirus support.