complex behaviours

At mirus we understand that people who show challenging behaviours have the same expectations and needs as everybody else in life. Often behaviour is the person communicating that some of those needs are yet to be met.

At mirus we follow the principles of Positive Behavioural Support (PBS). Our aim is to understand what a person’s behaviour is telling us and from this we can develop a bespoke support plan.

To make this happen we have a full learning and development programme for our staff in all areas of PBS. This includes behavioural analysis, providing skills teaching programmes and ensuring people meet their positive outcomes.

Because of our vast experience of providing support in this area we have shared in many success stories. By first seeking to understand why, and then providing appropriate support to develop quality of life, we see a successful reduction in challenging behaviours.

We are proud to be part of the Western Bay Closer to Home Collobaration project.  An innovative project where the Health Board and three Local Authorities proactively commission to enable people with severe challenging behaviour to access supported living.  More information on the project can be found here;