Carers' Rights Day 2013 - Cardiff

29th Nov 2013

Carers' Rights Day 2013


Carers' Rights Day 2013: rights, advice, support.

 This year Carers' Rights Day is taking place on Friday 29 November and the theme is 'rights, advice, support', focusing on ensuring that carers understand their rights and get access to good quality advice that can support them to care.

 mirus respite will be attending Carers' Day event being run by Cardiff Council on Friday 29th November in Cardiff Central Library. It’ll be running between 10am-4pm.

 There will be lots of other information stands from local and national organisations who are there to show carers what support systems are in place for them within Cardiff. There will also be NHS drop in sessions on how do deal with stress, and the library is launching a Carers’ Library Card which allows carers additional time on any loans they make.

 Carers' Rights Day aims to make carers aware of different kinds of practical support that could support them to care so this year our organiser’s handbook has more information on how different kinds of technology can benefit carers by; monitoring things to provide the peace of mind that lets a carer get a good night’s sleep or to juggle work and care, or enabling carers to connect with other carers and access support and information online.

Please click here to view the official poster and for full contact details.