home support

Sometimes just a little help at home can make an enormous difference. Our support is very flexible and designed to fit in with lifestyle and needs. Some people have support 24 hours a day, whilst others just a few hours a week.

We are able to provide assistance to children and adults who live at home with their family. We work with the person, their family and professionals to assess what is needed. Between us we agree a support plan and provide a flexible home support service. Some examples of home support we give include:

  • Help around the home; preparing food, quick snacks, day to day house work, shopping

  • Assisting a partially sighted mother to get her son ready for school

  • Helping a single parent prepare meals for her disabled daughter

  • Assisting with personal care

  • Provide structured support to prepare teenagers for independent adulthood

  • Help to get you out and about; visit a friend, attend hospital appointments or watch the latest film in the cinema

  • Support after a stay in hospital

  • Supporting you or a family member to have a short break.