how we are funded

mirus is a not-for-profit organisation. We are currently funded by local authorities, health bodies and other organisations who commission our services through a competitive procurement process.

The current financial climate has produced significant financial challenges with pressures on funding from all sources, despite this, mirus has been able to maintain its overall income and achieve its budget targets. The following financial aims underpin the key principles of our Strategic Plan:

  1. To achieve long term financial sustainability by diversifying our income and reducing our dependence on statutory income sources

  2. To ensure the efficient use of resources through identifying innovative ways of working

  3. To develop reserves that supports the future investment of innovative and new projects.

Funding routes are changing; families and those using services have greater choice and control over who provides their services. We are always happy to discuss people's specific needs with either themselves or their family or guardian and can offer useful guidance.

mirus has the knowledge and expertise to meet these changes and constantly adjust its infrastructure and governance. This ensures it delivers effectively what is needed by those it serves, and that it can also successfully provide for the growing numbers of those with physical and learning difficulties within the community.

As in all walks of life today, the work of mirus is characterised by change. The business and direction of the charity is impacted by changes in:

  1. The needs and expectations of those who have disabilities

  2. Who funds us

  3. Regulation

  4. Government and Local Authority policy.

Whilst our current income streams contribute to our day to day running costs, funds for providing transport and any value add activities will need to come from other sources such as fundraising / charitable grants.