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mirus moments – May winners

A huge congratulations to our fabulous May winners, who were chosen by our regional representatives.

They will soon receive a gift card, and their name will go forward to our mirus stars judging panel NEXT WEEK!


Our mirus stars awards nominations are closing on Monday 5th June at 9am – and every nomination we receive for mirus moments is submitted to the mirus stars panel.  Click here to nominate!
If you nominate someone after Monday 5th June at 9am, their nomination will still count towards June’s mirus moments, and will go forward to next year’s mirus stars event.
Find out more about mirus stars, and book your tickets for the pre-awards parties in July at this link: https://www.mirus-wales.org.uk/home/stars/


All nominations were anonymised, so winners were chosen based only on the great things people said about them – so when you nominate make sure you include as much detail as possible!
We usually pick three winners who are mirus staff, and three who are people supported by mirus. However, this month we have picked five people supported winners, as we only had one winner last month.

The special things our winners did:

Alex W – Empowering
Supported by mirus in Cardiff

Nomination 1:

“In recent months Alex has taken on the role as Cardiff representative on behalf of people with learning disabilities to speak on their behalf. Alex did a speech along with the other reps at our last better together event which he did so well.

Alex has attending CEO interviews, from feedback received, Alex did really well and asked his questions with confidence.

Alex has attended partnership group workshops LDPG at sbectrwm. The workshops consisted of different topics ranging from choice & control, opportunities, health and feeling good and employment opportunities. Alex has learnt a lot from the workshops.

Alex has signed up to be representative and has taken to this role very well. people are very impressed with his attitude and commitment.”


Nomination 2:

“Alex’s development has grown beyond all expectations over the last year, he has taken part in the CEO interviews,  amongst other staff interviews ,hosted mirus wards get together events and is a valuable advocate for the voice ,choice ,control events .

Alex has an outgoing personality, happy go lucky and has a growing ability to interact in a positive way with people he meets, Alex is also a supporter of the walking group.

Alex is also very supportive of his co-tennant and encourages him to develop an awareness of how to manage situations in calm manner, in essence the respect that has grown between the pair has been remarkable.”


Wendy J – Courageous
Supported by mirus in Neath Port Talbot

Nomination 1:

“Wendy has over come her fears regarding going out alone with out support. She has enrolled on to a beauty college course independently, and is doing really well. She has almost completed the course and will be starting a new course in September. Not only has she thrived with going out into the community by herself, with support from staff encouraging her, W has lost almost 10 stone in weight. This has greatly improved her confidence. W is more independent, confident and healthier. she is socialising more and getting out and about in the community.”


Nomination 2:

“Wendy has continued to work towards her independence and push her own boundaries. She has come so far and works everyday towards her own goals. She may face a few challenges and set backs however she’s been so inspiring in how she deals with these things and pushes forward anyway! The team are so proud of her.

Other people supported can see how Wendy works towards her own goals and independence and feels encouraged as a result of this. She’s always so helpful towards staff and such an important part of Geraints house! She makes everyone smile and can’t do enough for you.”


Jamie G – Courageous
Supported by mirus in Brecon

Jamie moved into his shared accommodation in September of 2021 when he turned 18. 
Since his move Jamie has grown in independence and has taken on many new challenges.

Since his move, Jamie has continued his personal development in many ways, each showing he is on his way to becoming an independent young man.

Jamie is now:

  • Taking part/volunteering in the St John’s Community Garden in Brecon
  • Has started to learn to drive
  • Applied for Brecon College to undertake a mechanics qualification
  • Is applying for jobs
  • Has bought himself a car as a project to work on, which will aid in his education
  • Has started his own garden at home to become more self sufficient with food
  • Started the couch to 5k project
  • Taken up fishing – Planning a fishing holiday”

All this as well as learning to budget responsibly, meal planning and being an active part of his community.

Jamie took a big step moving into supported living and has grasped the challenge with both hands, proving that he is capable of whatever he sets his mind to.”


Franco A – Responsible
Supported by mirus in Cardiff

“On the 14th May at 6.20am a member of mirus staff who was lone working in Franco’s home fell down the stairs. Franco supported the staff member, he assisted her, kept her company went and located the phone to ring ‘mirus On Call’.  When ‘On Call’ arrived, Franco then let them, helped to tell them what had happened, and made cups of coffee.

The manager on call was very impressed with how Franco kept calm and dealt with this situation. Franco stayed with the staff member until the ambulance arrived, he was then able to relay all this information to management as we were unable to speak with the staff member as she was taken into hospital with a broken hip.

Since then the staff member has rang to say how Franco helped and supported and comforted her.”



Andrew P – Courageous
Supported by mirus in Ceredigion

Nomination 1:

“Overcoming the death of his next of kin, whilst still volunteering daily at the local farm. Andrew has continued to provide assistance every day and go about his daily work despite feeling a mixture of emotions. Andrew is a proud man, and always wants to help others and look after everyone around him.

Andrew has dealt with losing his next of kin extremely well. He is now working on developing his skills to be able to do things himself and filling the gap of not seeing her daily, this having been his routine for many many years. Not having her to rely on, A is learning to do things himself and is learning to have more confidence in staff.”


Nomination 2:

“Andrew recently lost a member of his family, and he has had to learn skills to be more independent while stepping out of his comfort zone. A volunteers in Fantasy Farm and also look after 2 elderly ladies on their farm. No job is too big or small for Andrew. He always goes above and beyond for anyone in need.

Andrew help has made a big impact on the people he supports, especially with his labouring skill which is much needed on the farm.”


Jill Stephenson – Empowering
mirus staff member in Central Services (HR)

Nomination 1:

“Jill always goes out of her way to ensure that her colleagues are supported within a safe space, free to speak freely without judgement. Jill goes above and beyond to ensure everybody’s wellbeing, which makes her ideal for her role; Jill is knowledgeable, approachable, trustworthy, considerate and empathetic.

Jill’s great work is a benefit to all within mirus, from the management teams through to the front line support workers; Jill’s person centred approaches to us all as individuals creates a supportive and empowering culture.


Nomination 2:

“As she is saved in my phone, Jill ‘The Oracle’ Stephenson is my ‘go to’ person. Since starting with mirus in 2021, Jill has helped me in so many ways and has provided me with amazing support both professionally and personally. If there is ever an answer I cannot find, Jill will either know, or find out….

There is no problem too big or small for Jill.

To me, Jill was stability at a time where my mangers and structures were changing. Jill was there to listen to my concerns, guide me to solutions and also be a wonderful role model for mirus values.

In a nutshell, when I was struggling, Jill noticed and followed through with support, checking in and taking pressure off, always with a smile and funny words.”


Nomination 3:

“During a difficult time, Jill was always available to talk too and was a huge support throughout. Jill was empathetic and supportive, which allowed me to feel at ease. Jill made sure I felt listened too and just made the entire process of being off work a lot easier.”


Rachel Stinchcombe – Together
mirus staff member in Central Services (Development & Innovation)

Rachel works really well with other people, she has brought people together, coordinating the voice choice and control reps and empowering them to advocate for people in their region. She is helpful and approachable, listen s to others and communicates clearly and in an open and honest way.

Rachel values the opinions, thoughts and feelings of other people. She treats people as individuals, and is friendly and compassionate.

Rachel has encouraged me to believe in myself and helped me to realize that after years of working in the manufacturing industry that Social care is where I belong. She has helped me to realise that I can do anything I Put my mind to and has helped me to speak up for myself.

After recently losing her Father, Rachel Courageously continued to work to support her colleagues and the people we support, putting their needs before her own.

mirus is an amazing place to work, and this is partly because of Rachel and her commitment to her colleagues, friends and people we support.”


Claire Roberts – Respectful
mirus staff member in Bridgend

“When a person supported was receiving end of life care in hospital, Claire went out of her way to make sure that she was present to provide support to the person supported, their family and the staff team. Claire made sure that the person supported was comfortable and treated with respect. Claire gave a lot of her time to support everyone during this difficult time and put the needs of the person supported and the family above her own.

I believe that Claire’s support during this time was a great comfort to the person supported and their family as she showed compassion, respect and care. Claire showed compassion and resect to the person supported and their family and offered her support when needed, while respecting their need of privacy. I believe Claire’s support to the family gave them comfort during a difficult time.”

People supported, families, staff members, volunteers, and community members can all nominate people for the next mirus moments celebration: bit.ly/mirusmoments
Watch our video to find out more about mirus moments:

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