Volunteer Project Thank you Event 2016

1st Jun 2016

On Wednesday 1st June, mirus held its first Thank you Event to say thank you to its volunteers and celebrate Volunteer Week 2016.  The event was held at the Cathays Community Centre, hosted by Dean Boyes and Monica Costa.


Every member and volunteer who attends the Cardiff Social Activity Groups, and the Bridgend Craft Groups were invited to attend as well as the families of all members. The event’s attendance was high (about 25 people)



All of the members who attended the evening came early to help set up the hall, decorating it in mirus colour bunting, inspirational posters to say “Thank you” to our volunteers, they also helped by blowing up balloons, set up snacks and beverages, and set up the tables and chairs.

When the volunteers arrived and had a walk around the room, they were overwhelmed by the efforts made by those who come.


The plan to capture the group member’s thoughts and feelings regarding the volunteers, was to write a short message on a leaf to stick onto a tree with the slogan “Growing Stronger”. The messages captured say things such as; “Thank you”; “Without the volunteers we would not have a group to attend”; “The volunteers help make possibilities into realities”.

At the evening, all Volunteers were given a small present (put together by the craft group in Bridgend) and with a certificate in recognition of their efforts, commitments, and contribution for volunteering with mirus.

Some members said a few words to say thank you and everyone cheered and clapped for each volunteer.

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During the evening, it was explained to the volunteers that they will be receiving their ID badges, which will then allow them to access the mirus rewards scheme as a Thank you for volunteering with mirus.

One member and his family sent a thank you card, explaining how the volunteers have helped to give the member the confidence and for helping to improve a sustainable social life. 

For the volunteers who could not attend, their certificates and gift bags were given to them at their next volunteering day.

mirus has been tweeting the good news about event. Our first tweet was “we are excited about our Thank you celebrations to say a huge Thanks to #mirusvolunteers commencing #volunteersweek

After saying “Thank you”, the room was then turned into a disco, shortly followed by a walk to the Woodville for a meal and a drink to chat, celebrate and make future plans to get all the groups together again in the summer.


Future plans                                                                                                

The members of the groups who attended the Thank you evening wanted to have another huge get together that includes all of the groups again, and were asking for something like a picnic or a BBQ in a park. Therefore, in the summer, we will be planning a BBQ inviting all the members, and their family to attend.



See our updated website http://www.mirus-wales.org.uk/volunteer

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