mirus snow updates

1st Feb 2019

Staying safe

We want all staff and people supported to remain as safe as possible during the snow and ice. To help, here are some useful updates about mirus offices and how staff can stay in contact with Central Departments for advice and support. 

Don't forget to use the Winter Safety Guide for some helpful advice on staying safe when travelling, or around the home or offices during snow and ice. 


mirus offices

All offices are open, except for Brecon office due to access road blocked by snow. However, it is expected access will be possible from 10am onwards.

  • Cardiff: The office is open and accessible if required. Some staff are already at the office. Take care when driving on minor roads leading to office. Some local Cardiff school closures have been reported. Main roads from valleys into Cardiff reported as fine.
  • Bridgend: The office is open and accessible. Staff are on-site. Take care when driving on minor roads leading to office.
  • Brecon: Office is NOT accessible at present, but this is expected to clear by 10am. Main roads into Brecon are open and fine. Cathedral Hill is a bit of a problem at present but likely to improve. A number of local Powys schools reported as closed. Take care when driving. A40 is open but driving conditions are hazardous so drive with care. A470 Merthyr to Brecon reported as fine.
  • Gwent: Office is open and accessible, staff already on site. Access roads reported as fine. A number of local schools are reported as closed across the Gwent area, including Torfaen; Monmouthshire; Newport; Caerphilly.
  • Ceredigion:  No snow reported although a little icy in places. Office is open and accessible. No Ceredigion schools reported as closed at present.


Central Department Updates

HR Team

  • The HR team are working remotely, with remote access. Please see team HR update below:
    • Jamie: Please I have access to remote in, so if you need anyone to help fill shifts, work out why staff have not attended for work purposes, then tap in to me please.  I will be happy to work alongside any regions office duty desks to loan a hand. 
    • Inbox/Emails:We still intend to respond to any traffic coming in regarding any queries you may have so please do not be put off from emailing us.  As it is only me in the team that has a works mobile email is the best form of communication to get a response from us. 
      • HR team availability:  Jill/Emma & Tracey – all of which have laptops and can remote in (Jill have access to SLS as do I)
      • Payroll team availability:  Jenn whom has a laptop and can remote in (Jenn has access to SLS)


Health and Safety team

  • Chris G has remote access to all systems, so can support any remote access to systems and documentation. Contactable via e-mail or mobile. 07540 671154.
  • Aimee is working remotely and is contactable by e-mail.
  • H&S department will respond to normal queries where possible, but we will be prioritising adverse weather related communications until the situation has settled. During the day we will be sharing information and advice on weather related updated and safe travelling guidance for all staff. Any health and safety queries regarding travel, please forward.


Learning & Development

  • All training for today was already cancelled.
  • Margaret and David J are working remotely and contactable if required.



  • Kat is working from the Llanishen office today and is contactable by phone or e-mail.
  • The Finance department are expecting to be operating as normal, with most staff available at the Llanishen office.



  • Su D is working remotely and has diverted the switchboard to home and is not expecting any disruption to the main mirus switchboard.
  • Kim D is working from Llanishen office today.



  • On-Call services in each region will be able to work remotely where required.
  • Download lists of essential telephone numbers from 'The Wall' including staff mobile numbers and house numbers.



  • Please advise all staff to monitor the Facebook employee group and regional groups for advice and tips on safe travel today.