Nominations for mirus stars awards are now open

6th Feb 2019

Nominations for mirus stars awards are now open

mirus stars awards

From now until Monday 1st April if you work for us, with us, or are supported by us, you can nominate a colleague or person we support for a mirus stars award.

There are nine categories to choose from, so you're sure to find an award that is perfect for the person (or people!) you have in mind. Descriptions of each award category can be found on the nomination form, which can be downloaded by clicking here. The winners will be announced at our mirus stars award ceremony which will be held at Cardiff City Stadium on Friday 17th May.

 To nominate, please download the form and either fill in on the computer, or print off and fill in by hand and send it to us at Please also encourage people you support to nominate.

To give the person you have nominated the best chance of winning, tell us what they have done and how that fits in with the award you’ve nominated them for. We’d love to know the positive impact their actions have had.

 We’ll be sharing some of the great things people have done on social media, our website, and through internal communications in the run up to the ceremony, but don’t worry, we will keep it anonymous until the winners are announced!