Better Together at Gofod3

3rd Apr 2019

better together word

Gofod3 is an event for third sector organisations facilitated by the WCVA to encourage collaboration, sharing of best practice and to provide a space for organisations to learn from each other. This year's event was held at Cardiff City Stadium on 21st March, and we held our own workshop to talk about co-production, and how third sector organisations can collaborate to be Better Together.

maria and adam present mirus workshop

At our workshop, we premiered the fantastic video about Adam and his involvement with people and organisations in his community with the support of mirus. Adam attended the event to help facilitate the workshop, and introduced his own video, which was met with applause from the captive audience of representatives from a range of other third sector organisations. You can watch Adam's video on YouTube. 

table discussion at gofod3

We told the attendees about how mirus strives to work co-productively to provide the best possible service and opportunities to the people that we support. Maria Edwards‍, Chris Paul‍ and Kim Raymond introduced the session, by talking about the history of mirus, our Better Together initiative, recent MyMoney workshop we held in our Cardiff Office, and gave real examples of our co-productive work within Kewstoke. Chris explained that although working co-productively can often be difficult due to differences in ideas, disagreements can be an important part of the co-productive process, as they enable us to share ideas and find successful solutions that really work. Co-productive working also helps us to recognise that no one single organisation can be all things to all people, and allows us to provide a full, inclusive and expansive service to the people we support. 

table 2 discussion group at gofod3

We asked attendees three questions and asked them to discuss their ideas in groups before feeding them back to the room. 

Share some of your examples of being co-productive.

examples of being co-productive answers

Thinking of your own personal experiences, what are the benefits of being co-productive?

personal experiences of co-production feedback

What gets in the way of being co-productive?

what gets in the way of being coproductive feedback

At the end of the workshop, we asked each individual pledge to take steps to becoming Better Together. Here are a few of our favourite ideas:

pledge - review at every stage

pledge - empower people to make decisions

pledge - support people to be coproductive

pledge - listen