Out and about in Powys

4th Nov 2019

Out and about in Powys

Filming Craig, Berian and Adrian

Last week we caught up with Craig, Berian and Adrian from Powys, as they followed their activity schedules. 

On Monday, Berian (who prefers to be called Ber) took us on a stroll through the park to his local bank to withdraw his money, before counting it out and putting it away in his safety deposit box. 

Later, Craig showed us how he makes, edits and uploads his fantastic YouTube videos with the help of Support Worker, Greg. You can check out and subscribe his channel 'The Craig Jones Journey' here: http://bit.ly/craigyoutube 


On Tuesday, we met Craig and Ber back at their house before catching the bus to the music and drama group that they attend weekly. 

After paying the entry fee, Craig and Ber sat in a circle with the other people who attend the group and broke the ice by sharing the three places in the world they'd most love to visit. We then warmed up our bodies by doing gentle stretching and slow movements, before getting stuck in to some awesome dance moves, under the guidance of group leader Callum. 

Next, we dressed up and played percussion instruments to the beat of background music. Everyone loved wearing the African inspired clothing!

After we'd used up all of our energy dancing and playing instruments, we cooled down with the parachute that group members lifted up to create a much needed breeze. 

On Friday, we filmed Adrian from Powys as he went to the bank to withdraw his money, before doing his weekly food shopping in Neath. 

Adrian chose the things he loves to eat (with a little bit of encouragement to make healthy choices from his Support Worker!), helped pack the bags and paid the store assistant at the checkout.

After unpacking his shopping back at his home, he proudly showed us his music room, complete with loads of disco lights.

We had an awesome time with Craig, Ber, Adrian and their support workers, and can't wait to put together the video to share with everyone! Thanks to everyone who was involved in organising the filming schedule.