our approach

In line with our values and vision we use Person Centred Approaches. This means the individual being supported is at the centre of all planning and is empowered to make choices about the way they live their lives.

Time and time again we see how this approach delivers a strong sense of self-belief, confidence and fulfilment. Staff are passionate about finding fresh, innovative and creative ideas to support individuals in their aims. The key principles of person centred planning are:

  • The individual being supported is the focus

  • Family members and friends are partners in planning

  • Priorities now and in the future are identified and support planned around this

  • Maintaining and gaining social and community inclusion, and relationships

  • Promoting independence by enabling choice and control

  • Developing personal skills.

We also realise that people will change and grow with their experiences, and therefore the support will be adapted to meet changing needs as identified in regular reviews.Where we need to gain greater knowledge in specific areas we use additional person centred thinking approaches. For example, we use life stories to reflect on the past to think about the present/future.