our vision, mission and values

Our Vision: To be at the forefront of individualised, quality, affordable services.

Our Purpose: To enable people to live fulfilled, valued lives.

We will achieve our vision by:

  • Empowering people to live with self-belief and confidence.

  • Enabling people to make choices and achieve their goals.

  • Retaining our reputation as experts in the field.

  • Sharing best practice but striving to be better.

  • Recognising and valuing the talent of our staff.

  • Being seen and heard like never before.

  • Developing new ideas to enrich people’s lives.

  • Being the provider of choice.

We deliver this by:

  • Putting the person at the centre of everything that we do.

  • Actively listening and embracing individuality.

  • Including others that are most important to the people we support.

  • Enabling people to take control.

  • Embracing challenges and going the extra mile.

  • Finding solutions and turning possibilities into realities.

Our values and guiding beliefs are:


We believe the people we support should be:

  • In control and determine their lives

  • Recognised for their ability and positive contributions

  • Celebrated for their achievements

  • Supported to exceed their goals.

We believe our staff:

  • Come with passion, energy and a great pride in their work

  • Have the positive attitude and skills required to deliver an outstanding service

  • Create a sense of self-belief and confidence which is vital for personal growth.


  • We believe in being non-profit making

  • We believe in adding social and environmental value

  • We believe in connecting with communities

  • We believe in developing sustainable support models.


  • We believe in pushing boundaries and championing creative solutions

  • We believe in looking forward, searching for the best and having the courage of our convictions.


  • We believe there is strength in our diversity, in the services we offer, the people we support and the staff we employ.


  • We believe we are individually strong but even stronger in partnership.