For mirus to deliver outstanding services it is vital we listen carefully to those we support and ensure their feedback is an intrinsic part of forming policies and procedures.

To get this valuable information we have developed a Participation Path, which involves people in a variety of ways and ensures the voice of people we support is clearly heard.

Receiving feedback is done in a number of ways:

  • Regular house meetings are held for people we support in their own homes. House members discuss household issues which are important to them.

  • Community Connections managers liase with the people they support in mid Wales directly to get any feedback and concerns.

  • Regional Participation groups have been formed and invite people from all mirus service areas to come together once a quarter to share information. It’s a great opportunity to find out what’s been going on locally and get up to date with any changes.

  • Representatives from each of the regional groups also come together every quarter, at the “Speaking Up for Jo and Taking Action” group. It’s an opportunity for them to collectively discuss issues from each particular area, voicing any issues there might be from their own area.

These representatives then attend Board meetings, to share with the Trustees the thoughts of those supported by mirus.